What are digital downloads? How do they work?

Digital downloads are a great affordable option for buying art! When you purchase a digital download, you receive an email with a file containing three crops of the art you bought. To print, decide on the final size of the print you'd like and pick a corresponding ratio. Then, just upload that file to your preferred printers, frame and enjoy!

How big can I print my digital downloads?

Due to the nature of vintage art, we can only guarantee prints up to 16"x 24". If you're looking for a larger size/different ratio, send us a message and we will be happy to help you through that. 

What ratio is the best fit for my frame?

Our digital downloads come with three ratios: 2:3, 4:5, 5:7

2:3 - 4"x 6" | 8"x 12" | 12"x 18" | 16"x 24"

5:7 - 5"x 7" | 10"x 14" | 15"x 21"

4:5 - 8"x 10" | 12"x 15" | 16"x 20"

What's the difference between the papers? The rolled canvas?

We offer printing on three professional grade mediums: Matte Archival Paper, Canvas Texture Paper, and Satin Rolled Canvas

Matte Archival Paper: Archival paper is a thick matte paper, printed using museum grade inks. This paper is 100 year archival, which just means that it can last over a century without deteriorating! The final product is matte and offers a beautiful and truly accurate range of color. 

Canvas Texture Paper: Canvas textured paper is a matte professional quality paper with the woven texture of canvas. The result is a matte print with vivid colors and enhanced texture. A great option for displaying in frames sans glass!

Satin Canvas: Our newest offering, this is a printed canvas with a satin finish. Each rolled canvas comes with an additional two inch white border to help with mounting. You can display the canvas in a frame, or bring to a local framers' to be stretched. 

Which paper is best for my print?

While we encourage you to get creative with our prints, we recommend paper that would best mimic the original work. 

So, a moody cracked oil painting of fruit would thrive on our canvases (Paper or rolled). Whereas a sketch would probably look best on our matte papers, so the canvas texture doesn't compete with the inherent silky feel of the original sketched papers. 

How long does it take to get my new (old!) art?

Your digital downloads are sent in an email almost immediately! You have 30 days to download the files you purchased, even if you don't have a plan to print just yet, download the files for when you need them! 

Our papers come with a processing time of 8-10 business days. All of our prints are made to order, and the nature of our fine prints calls for the printer to be calibrated to perfectly render each print. Our printers do a fantastic job of creating these works of art for us, but both our print shoppe and (local, small business) printers need time to produce your work of art. As soon as all quality checks are complete (there are three, because we're picky like that!), your art will be packaged in either a very rigid and recyclable cardboard mailer or secured in a cardboard tube. You will receive an email with the tracking number for your art. All shipments are insured, for yours and our peace of mind! 

What is the shoppe's return policy?

Due to the nature of the digital downloads, and made to order prints, we do not offer refunds. But, our priority is always your satisfaction. So, please reach out to us and we will do our very best to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.